Our Office


We are located at 849 Dundas Street between Rectory Street to the west and Ontario Street to the east.

Dr. Anu Bhalla
Old East Village
Dental Specialists Building
Near the Western Fair Grounds
849 Dundas Street
London, Ontario N5W 2Z8

In general, it is best to reach the Western Fair District area, and then head North on Rectory to our building.

This is best accomplished:
– From the east by Florence St.
– From the west by King or York St.

To enter our parking, it is best to use King St. and to either go through the Western Fair District parking lot just south of us, (which can be used for parking), or use the laneway after King St. turns North (see map below).

Look for the building named “Old East Village Dental Specialists” on the south side of Dundas St.

Map with directions